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Welcome to the new forum! The provider stopped the support for the software of the old forum, so a solution had to be found. The solution is a new forum software.
And here it is!
After many problems transferring all the data (users, forums and all posts), it finally worked!

However, since many functions still had to be changed and adapted manually, there may still be problems and restrictions in some places.

:arrow You have to upload your avatar again!

:! Please use this forum for problems and questions of any kind about the technology and the functions of this forum!
Please create a separate post for a problem, question, etc. in the "technical support" section pinned above! :!

Functions and areas will still be adjusted, so there can / will be further changes and adjustments.

Maybe the design will be changed, but for now the priority is the functionality of the database.

I wish you now a lot of fun in the new forum and hope that you will quickly find your way.

You can use the USER GUIDE for this forumsoftware.

You can also send an E-Mail to:

Best regards,
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