Whip Basics Ring Of Trust - How This Works

Whip Basics Ring of Trust

How does the Whip Basics Ring of Trust work?

It's simple. We are a group of whip makers that have so much faith in each other's integrity and craft that we will guarantee that when you deal with any member of our group you will not only receive high quality work, but that you will also be treated fairly and honestly.

We can not guarantee that you will not destroy your whip, that you like the colors you order, or that you ordered a style of whip that is suitable for your usage. All that kind of thing is up to you, and each of our whipmakers has their own return policy.

What we can guarantee is that our members will do their best for you, and that their best is quite good indeed.

If you have a problem...

There are several steps to resolving it:

  1. Make a sincere attempt to work it out with the original whip maker. Document as much of this as you can, either by keeping the email exchanges, recording the times and dates of phone calls, etc. We don't expect perfect records, but please do your best.
  2. If there is a problem that you are unable to resolve with the whip maker, contact the Whip Basics Ring of Trust. Let us know what the issue is. Pictures may be helpful.
  3. We will discuss it with you, and if the issue is not resolved, ask you to send us the whip. We will inspect it carefully and communicate our findings to the entire ring.
  4. If the complaint is justified and the original whipmaker will not resolve it, that whipmaker will be banned from the Ring of Trust.
  5. The whip at issue will be sent to the nearest whipmaker, with the shortest waiting list and the skills to make a whip of the same type.
  6. This whipmaker will make and deliver a new whip to you free of charge.
Whip-Basics Ring of Trust
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